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If you are a member of IFMA YOU too can run for one of the below positions!  Submissions are due no later than June 7th.  If you can not commit to a Board position, how about volunteering to help out a Committee Chair.  Education, Special Events and Programs could always use some help!

President Duties

  •          Preside over chapter board meeting
  •          Attend tours and breakfast meetings
  •          Delegate responsibility and provide support
  •          Membership growth
  •          Work with the Treasurer to prepare an annual budget as well as a forecasted budget

Vice President Duties

  •          Preside in the absence of the president
  •          Be available for advice and assistance
  •          Attend executive committee meetings
  •          Oversee the chapter programs in coordination with other officers
  •          Help prepare the chapter’s annual re-certification package
  •          Assist the president n carrying out the business of the chapter


Treasurer Duties

  •          Provide the bank with a new signature card for President or his designee
  •          Pay bills promptly
  •          Bring petty cash to all general membership meetings and special functions
  •          Promptly process all moneys received from fees for chapter meetings and other      functions properly
  •          Submit a detailed report of the treasurer’s office at board meetings
  •          Submit financial data to IFMA headquarters for the chapter’s annual re-certification



  •          Maintain accurate and current records
  •          Communicate pertinent information to members and officers. 
  •          Send notice at least seven days in advance of all meetings of the chapter
  •          At business meetings, supply the president with a list of action items, unfinished business announcements and correspondence (agenda)
  •          Co-sign all agreements and formal instruments, except those pertaining to the treasurer


If you are interested in running for any of these positions, please contact Dee Boyd at