More on Emergency Preparedness

One of the sessions at NFMT Vegas in October dealt with disaster planning for your business. One of the things that struck me most about that session was learning that that most businesses don't plan, and the ones that do tend to use cookie cutter plans that aren't tailored to the specific business.

It's easier not to think about planning for disasters--what a depressing subject! But, businesses that do plan are usually able to reopen. Those that don't plan often never reopen after a disaster. So, do you think Hurricane Sandy is the last natural disaster we're going to experience? Do you think a flood or fire is out of the question? Do you feel lucky today?


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Are you prepared for an emergency?

I like the idea of being prepared for an emergency. If I had to "bug-out," as the disaster preppers describe it, I'd like to be able to grab my bug-out kit, my dogs, and be out in five minutes. Some emergencies would demand just that. And I'd like to have a meeting place for me and my loved ones to meet in case of emergency.

So, I like the idea. But, beyond some thinking about it, I haven't actually done the planning and preparing to make it a reality. 

Thankfully, there's a lot of guidance available out there. This video is from the government website,  The FEMA website also has a wealth of information. 


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