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Think you know everything about lighting? Recent changes in federal laws and standards have resulted in lighting updates that you need to know. Sylvania's Susan Sutherland-Bishop was kind enough to share with us her presentation on LED lighting, which contains several excellent references and a review of the federal regulations. Questions? Contact Susan at 702.498.2215 or [email protected].

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What LED lighting can show you

NV IFMA's November membership meeting features Sylvania and Deco and they'll be talking about LED lighting. Read a little bit from Sylvania's Susan Sutherland-Bishop, who'll be speaking with us on November 15.

Susan says, "The lighting industry has been impacted in the last few years with Federal Regulations which have eliminated many of the commonly used lamps and ballasts.  In 2012, the cuts were significant and will really hit home on day-to-day facility maintenance and retrofitting.  These regulations are forcing facilities to go to either the T8 lamp and ballast systems or (if you retain the T12 systems) going to a bluer color temp (CWX) that meets the minimum lumens per watt rating.  Your November 15 meeting is going to be a review of the new LED products available right now to address the changes where feasible.  We will have information to take away on all of the regulations and what they mean at the user level, plus we’ll have products on hand that you can see.  Please join us at this educational meeting and let us shine a little light on your upcoming lighting projects."

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This 2-minute video shows how Staples retrofitted their retail stores.

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